Regrettably, as I am retiring soon,
I am unable to accept new clients or referrals at this time.
Everyone knows the experience of being at life’s crossroads. We wonder,
How do I move forward? and What kind of support would really help?

The adult world calls as adolescence wanes - a challenging time for parents and young people alike... A young adult asks “How can I be of service and still make a satisfying living?”... Love blossoms into marriage... A parent dies... A child comes into our life, and perhaps that child stumbles along the way... A job or marriage ends. “Now what?”... Retirement comes into view, and we wonder how to make it satisfying and meaningful... These are some of the “crossroads” my clients seek counsel in navigating.

Whatever the magnitude or urgency of your concerns, the core essence of my approach remains the same. I offer an oasis for self exploration - a place to attend to your own Inner Voice - and an environment of reflection and encouragement as you move through and beyond your personal crossroads.

Christopher Gruener MA, LMHC