My Counseling Philosophy
My approach to counseling integrates traditional Western insight-oriented psychotherapy, elements of Buddhist thought, a progressive political perspective and techniques developed through the Transpersonal Psychology Movement. As a long time student of “A Course in Miracles” my work also reflects deep appreciation for the transformative power of heartfelt forgiveness and the creative wisdom of our Higher Self.

In my counseling work I seek to be a reflective mirror and a catalytic force for positive change, while supporting my clients' right to evolve the life they choose.  I believe in inherent human goodness and the innate capacity we all have to successfully address the challenges we face.  More precisely, I know that the past is over and can be released, that we can learn to look to the future with confidence that Life will guide us safely on our way, and that this very moment - this precious present moment - always offers us the path we need to follow to create lives that are meaningful and satisfying!